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There is nothing quite like the SRPM in the world of Bowls!

SRPM - Worlds most accurate greens pace measuring tool

The SRPM came about as a result of many conversations between Ken Simpson and myself, Dan Milligan (The Delivery Doctor™). We both had the same concerns regarding the inaccuracies of the traditional stopwatch method of determining the pace of a green. We both had concerns over the notoriously slow pace of the majority of our Canadian greens. We both had concerns about the decreasing membership numbers and both knew that by improving our greens we could do our little part in trying to save the game of bowls in Canada.

After some fine tuning we are pleased to present the SRPM (Simpson Reference Pace Meter). It is the world's only accurate method of determining the pace of a green. It does not require a bowlers skill at delivering a bowl to a specified distance. It does not require a stopwatch to be started and stopped at the right time (seldom happens in my experience). It does not require unnecessary time to set up.

  The SRPM can be set up in seconds.

  The SRPM can be set up by a non-bowler.

  Using the SRPM the pace of your green can be determined in under a minute... accurately!

  The SRPM can be used to determine green pace anywhere on your green.

  The SRPM can help you save your greens and increase your club membership.

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