The Delivery Doctor offers
Player, Coaching and
Individual or Team Training

Bowls Coaching

Player Courses

4 hours
Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced – with each clinic tailored to the experience level of the participants
8 - 16 bowlers
You will be guided through warmups, warmdowns and sessions on technique, strategy and mental preparation.
Youth to Seniors
Clinics available for mixed ages or specific age groupings – ** Follow-up clinics available **

1 Clinic


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Coaches Clinic

5 hours
Covering Technique, Strategy, Game & Mental Prearation, Practice Sessions
Maximum 6
Limit of 6 coaches per clinic – Coaches must have video equipment available
Young adult and older at this time

1 Clinic


2 Clinics


3 Clinics


Personal Coaching

Minimum 30 mins
Book a session or a season with The Delivery Doctor.
4 Bowlers
Book as an individual, pairs, triples or fours team. The Delivery Doctor will tailor the session to your ongoing needs
12+ y/o
The Delivery Doctor will help take your game to the next level – its never too early or late to up your game!

1 hr Session


1 hr Session




** New ** Online Lessons

40 min.
Zoom meetings, follow up video analysis
1 - 4 Bowlers

NB. Singles are best option, however Pairs, Triples or Fours teams are possible

16+ y/o

Must have access to hispeed internet, camera or phone capable of recording video

40 minutes


1 hr Lesson




Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Delivery Doctor has decades of experience at all levels of play and coaching, from Club to Commonwealth Games.
  • He has been instrumental in the authoring of the Bowls Canada Technical manuals and programs, including the new High Performance Program.
  • The Delivery Doctor believes in being prepared, and advises you take a quick look through these FAQ's before signing up for any of these courses.
What Do I Need to Bring to My Clinic/Lesson?
  • While your list will vary according to the session you are signing up for, there are always some essentials you will need.
  • The Delivery Doctor will send out a list prior to your attendance.
  • Some examples are: Bowls, Proper Footwear, Water, Identification, Contacts Info, a willingness to learn, and of course an abundance of enthusiasm!
What Is the Minimum Age for these Courses?
  • Each course lists the recommended age levels, however The Delivery Doctor understands, after 53+ years in Bowls that this great sport is a sport for all ages.
  • He also believes there is no age at which a bowlers cannot improve.
Do You Have to be an Accomplished Bowler?
  • Nope! Not at all.
  • You just have to have a desire to up your game!
  • The Delivery Doctor has worked with first time bowlers all the way to international level bowlers.
  • He has been a club coach and the National Team coach.
Will there be follow up after my course?
  • Depending on the type of course you are enrolling in The Delivery Doctor will be following up with bowlers for topics that were part of the course.
  • You want more?
  • LOL! How about another course, again, tailored to your own specific needs!
What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
  • All of the payment options will be taken care of before the session. This is a requirement of enrolment.
  • You will receive a confirmation of enrolment, along with an invoice that you can review and pay from your home computer or mobile device, using your favourite credit card.
  • Paying in advance means we do not waste time during the session on transactions.

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