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April 13, 2021

Just who is this Delivery Doctor guy anyway?

Bowls Experience:

The Delivery Doctor has been bowling since 1968! A proud Canadian National Team member from 1982 to 1988, medaling twice (Gateway Masters, Singles, Bronze 1984 and Commonwealth Games, Fours, Silver 1986), the National Coaching Chair from 1985 to 1997, the National Head Coach from 1993 to 1997 and a National Selector from 1993 to 1997 he brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Sports & Coaching Experience:

A competitive athlete in Track (Distance Running), soccer, baseball and hockey he became heavily involved with Lawn Bowls Coaching in the early 80's and helped rewrite the 80's revision of the Level 1 Lawn Bowls Coaching Manual. Dan (The Delivery Doctor) was instrumental in spearheading the overall production of the Level 2 Technical Manual and was on the cusp of publishing the Level 3 Technical Manual when family and political matters took priority. As of 2014 The Delivery Doctor was back at it again, volunteering his services to BCB as they develop the High Performance Coaching program.

Business Experience:

From 1985, when MVP Sports was born, to present, The Delivery Doctor has retained his keen interest in bowls coaching as can be attested to by the many customers he has assisted. Whether it's a grip wax or a set of bowls, most people who drop by our shop end up in either conversation about bowls techniques or as is most often the case, in an actual lesson. Dan & Brenda bring a combined 60 years of teaching experience to MVP Sports.

On The Road:

Whenever MVP Sports sets up a display at a club or function, The Delivery Doctor is always in attendance, providing bowls and coaching tips to those in attendance.

Coaching Clinics:

The Delivery Doctor has developed several accredited 4 hour Bowls Clinics for various skills levels that cater to the needs of between 8 and 16 participants. Clinics now include those for coaches (max: 6 coaches), teams (max 4 team players) and even a new online training option for individuals! (ed: Jan, 2022)

Updates, updates, updates!

This is our fourth major "renovation" of our website (ed: fifth: Jan, 2022) and it is the intent of The Delivery Doctor to be able to share some of the experiences and tips we have developed and collected with bowlers and coaches worldwide. This will be done through our new Delivery Doctor Video Series, .pdfs, through our Discuss Forum, our Blog and at our FB page - Club MVP, links to which can all be found throughout our site. We welcome new additions to the collection so if you have something you think you would like to share please let me know – I'll take a boo at it and who knows – you could be published. We only take credit where credit is due so if you share something expect to see your name in lights!


Besides the Video Training Series (Ubi_Launcher® Series and Delivery Sequence Series) and his authoring and co-authoring of various Bowls Coaching Manuals and Programs, The Delivery Doctor is presently working on a series of Bowls eBooks and anticipates they will be available sometime in 2022 (ed: mid to late 2022)! Has your club got the new poster, "The Delivery Doctor Presents... The Delivery Sequence... The Draw!" yet? It is available for purchase here at mvpsports.ca and is the perfect coaching companion for showing the ingredients necessary for adjusting length!

Recent Stuff

Coming soon, if not already on the air, The Delivery Doctor has teamed up with several of his long time friends to bring you 'Head Worms', The Podcast. Join us for sessions that will help you rid yourself of those horrible negative thoughts you get before making a decision, whether it be in sports, politics, the grocery store or just plain life.

Since this article was first published The Delivery Doctor, (ok, Dan) has been honoured with being inducted into:

  • Ontario Lawn Bowls Hall of Fame, 2018 - one of two inaugural members in the Builders Category
  • Cobourg Sports Hall of Fame, 2020 - in the newly created category of Player / Builder

The Delivery Doctor has also had the pleasure of being one of the Legacies team of interviewers for Cobourg's local radio station, Northumberland 89.7. Legacies interviews are all about local people who have contributed to the fabric of life in Northumberland County. I (Dan) have interviewed some fascinating people from sports, the arts, government - and was even interviewed myself, covering two different sessions. You are invited to listen to any of these interviews in the archives of the radio station at this link. Just scroll down to Legacies and click on Previous Shows!

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