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July 05, 2013

You've got to stay hydrated!

So, you feel thirsty do you? Well, I've got news for you – it's too late!

Read on to see how you can avoid this pitfall. 

Some of you will remember a playing partner and wonderful friend of mine years ago, Pres Lavier. We enjoyed the game of bowls like no other and at times imbibed in a few wobbly pops. There was one maxim that I told Pres about early on though and that was a tip I had learned during my running days. You weren't much good if you got thirsty, and no I didn't mean for a wobbly pop!

During my stint as National Coaching Chair and National Coach I could not emphasize enough the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day. I told Pres that I wanted him to begin drinking water from the time he got up, especially on the days when we played in WOBA, with it's notoriously hot weather. I often think that part of our success in many events was that while others were wilting due to dehydration we were not. 

Truth be told,  if you hear someone say they are thirsty,  it is too late for them and they should probably sit down for a bit and give themselves time to recover.

You must drink before you become thirsty!

Over the years I have subscribed to a number of fitness tips sites and reviews and one especially included some poignant material which I adopted and include in an article I share at all my clinics. Credit is included in the article to the authors but the premise is the same as I have been preaching since the 70's.

Check out this article on Hydration and see why drinking water before you start your tournament or game, no matter what the sport, may be the best move you make all day!

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