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April 08, 2013

You get what you get for a reason!

Boxes are for bowls and bags are for towels!

You get what you get for a reason. Dunno if it's just me but I don't think so. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it has its limitations.

There is no one form of media or social media that can do everything. Norm had a good point in TBiC when he thought his post had been deleted, as some posts are in some FB Groups (not naming names), but in fact his post had not been removed as Michael pointed out.

The problem is in the interface. Different product needs different packaging. I don't sell bowls in plastic bags just like I don't sell towels in a box. The internet is no different.

Blogs are for the serious stuff you write

Blogs are basically dissertations that should be posted in someone's Blog, and if comments are allowed or invited then let the discussion begin, but the blog itself and the replies are usually well thought out pieces. Nobody in their right mind would go to all the work of taking the time to compose a well thought out blog or response and post it in a FB group, where it would quickly get lost.

FaceBook pages are like office water coolers

FB Group Pages are like water coolers in offices and factories. They are merely places for idle conversation, gossip and the odd inspiration thought. They can act as bulletin boards, directing viewers to "read more" at blogs or forums or even redirect readers to other websites, but nobody should expect anything meaningful to go on there, and last! Archiving was never a strong point of FB. Worst of all, FB Groups, as we all know, have become free-for-all locations – sort of the MMA of the social media world.

Forums are a step up – with more staying power

I personally belong to several Forums and enjoy them thoroughly. I have golf buddies around the world in these forums. I believe they are still the best of all worlds. Members tend to monitor themselves and while bickering still goes on it is not long before the more positive members prevail. Archiving is much easier, where sorting by topic and searching is certainly easier and more meaningful. I invite anyone in any of the popular online FB Groups to post their ideas on our Club MVP forum (https://mvpsports.ca/forum/index.html), and make reference to it in whatever FB Group they wish.

Put your words where they will have the most impact

For meaningful discussion to take place lets put the product where it belongs. Let's help our sport grow. Let's all stop our bickering and get on with moving our sport into the 21st Century. Stop harping on who is doing what to whom and why and start putting out ideas that will move our sport forward. But most of all let's put these ideas where they will be seen and heard, not just for a few minutes but for as long as they need to be there to make things work.

Looking forward to some dialogue from everyone. Cheers, Dan Milligan – The Delivery Doctor

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