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The Delivery Doctor
Helping you get it right – the first time!

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The Delivery Doctor will be posting as often as he can in this blog. Sometimes about bowls, sometimes about curling and more than likely also about golf. The Doc will also be posting insights after one of his frequent coaching stints, either at a club, with a customer or with a client athlete.

The Delivery Doctor will be pleased to hear your feedback as he has the ability to be both thick skinned and/or hard of hearing whenever the need arises. 

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Get Fixed! Delivery Sequence Videos

19 February 2022
The Doc just released his long awaited Get Fixed! Delivery Sequence – The Draw

Covid Update – February 2022

20 December 2021
The year 2020 just seems to go on forever - but together we will beat it! You can view our Curbside Pickup Protocols here. Stay safe & well.

Just who is this Delivery Doctor guy anyway?

13 April 2021
Want to know more about Dan, The Delivery Doctor

Covid Update & More – December 2020

02 December 2020
Does it seem like the year 2020 has been one of those forever years. Yup - us too, and we are taking it seriously at MVP Sports.

The Doc Talks _ Issue #01

14 October 2020
Please enjoy Issue #1 of The Doc Talks where "The Doc" talks Ubi_Launcher® success worldwide & some Covid bowling tips.

Bowls Resurrection - A Surgical Solution to the Playdowns - Part 3 of 3

24 October 2016
Here it is – the Solution according to The Delivery Doc! Be sure to read parts 1 & 2 first though.

Bowls Resurrection - A Surgical Solution to the Playdowns - Part 2 of 3

17 October 2016
In Part 2 of this 3 part blog 'The Doc' outlines in depth what he feels is the problem with bowls playdowns, especially in Ontario.

Bowls Resurrection - A Surgical Solution to the Playdowns - Part 1 of 3

10 October 2016
Before you can offer a solution, you must know what the problem is. In Part 1 of 3, 'The Doc' gives his take on the problem.

The True Cost of the Dumper

15 March 2016
As a past greenskeeper nothing drives me more nuts than the carnage left by dumpers.

Getting It Done in the New Year

01 January 2015
Stop making resolutions you can't, or won't keep. Start setting goals instead!

You've got to stay hydrated!

05 July 2013
It doesn't matter whether it's while you're bowling, walking or just lounging around – hydration is important!

The Ubi_Launcher

01 July 2013
Our Canadian designed, Canadian manufactured Ubi_Launcher® has quickly become the world's most popular, easiest to use bowls delivery aid.

You get what you get for a reason!

08 April 2013
Social media can be a wonderful tool – but you have to be in the right place to get your message heard.

Where is Bowls' Defining Moment?

25 February 2013
Do you feel Bowls is missing something - that little bit of pizzazz that could make it more popular?

Is it time to change the Ontario Championships format?

21 October 2012
The Ontario Championships have changed over the years – but not always for the betterment of the sport.

Crowning Glory - A Story about Taylor Bowls

13 October 2012
Check out a bit of the long history Taylor Bowls, the world's most innovative bowls company!

It's all about not giving up!

02 October 2012
You've all heard the saying, "It's never over til it's over!" – Believe it cuz it's true.

Giving Back to Your Sport!

07 July 2012
No sport can survive without volunteers - without giving back to the sport you love playing.

Breaking Down The Barriers

23 June 2012
The Delivery Doctor has been sharing tips about elevating the image of bowls in the community for decades.

Campbellford LBC Does it First Class

21 May 2012
Steve Carlson and the Campbellford LBC have the right idea about membership.

Rolling out the new website!

16 May 2012
Websites evolve, and so too will We listen to you and make changes to better enhance your online experience here.

Membership Drives That Work!

28 April 2012
Membership drives work! Do you have some ideas that have worked for your club?

Are You Ready for the Summer of 2012?

11 April 2012
Calling all couch potatoes! There is a better way - no, make that better ways!

MVP Sports Helps Under - 25's

10 April 2012
MVP Sports has sponsored bowls events across Canada for over 3 decades – and we're proud of it!