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We specialize in Lawn Bowls
– and much, much more!

  • MVP Sports Online Shop

    New in 2021

    Our new online shop will allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home. We carry only the best products – Taylor Bowls!

  • Portable Carpets

    Verdemat - Genuine Portable Carpets

    MVP Sports is the sole Canadian Distributor for Verdemat, England – manufacturers of quality bowls surfaces. These are the real deal!

  • Curling image

    Curling Supplies

    Olson Curling Supplies

    MVP Sports has a limited supply of Olson Curling goods. Check our Shop often for sales on these items, as once they're gone – they're gone!

  • Golfer image

    Golf Supplies

    Various Brands

    The Delivery Doctor is an avid golfer, sporting a 5 Hndcp.
    MVP Sports sells putters, wedges, and other clubs (locally only).

  • T–Zone Fitness

    T–Zone Whole Body Vibration

    Dan & Brenda connected with T-Zone over a decade ago, and have not looked back. It's the only fitness machine you'll ever need!

  • Improve Your Greens

    Simpson Reference Pace Metre

    It's time your club had the world's most accurate greens pace measurement tool – the SRPM. Throw out your stopwatch and watch your club grow!

  • Ubi_Launcher® Bowls Delivery Aid


    Designed & Made in Canada, eh!

    The Ubi_Launcher® is the world's most popular bowls delivery aid, with over 1100 in use today. Designed by The Delivery Doctor, and proud of it!

    Warranty Info

    • At MVP Sports we pride ourselves in spending time with you before you make your purchase, ensuring you have the right equipment – the first time you get it!
    • We also are very proud of our track record with dealing with all reasonable requests for warranty work on purchases.
    • We do not guarantee 100% satisfaction because as we all know there are always those who expect suppliers to cover non-warranty issues, like neglect or abuse of product.
    • At MVP Sports we are no different, however we will go out of our way to ensure you have the best experience possible with your purchases from MVP Sports. We value your support!
    • Below you will find our specific & general policy regarding warranty!
    • Bowls used to have a ten year warranty as per the date stamp, not including chipping or scratching which are considered normal wear and tear in our sport.
    • As of 2019, all new bowls have a 15 year warranty.
    • This warranty does cover infrequent damage such as splitting or cracking as long as that stated damage is not a result of malicious damage.
    • We warrant bags for 1 year and sundry products for 90 days from date of purchase.
    • This is not, however, a carte blanche warranty (see below).
    • We expect our customers to show common sense and care when using a product purchased through MVP Sports or one of our agents –> ie. please do not overstuff bags or drag trolley carts over curbs or lift your trolleys by the extendible handles, etc as these will not be regarded as a warranty issue. Rather, they are considered cases of misuse!
    • Carpets come with a one year warranty from date of purchase.
    • Warranty does not include misuse of the carpets, nor does it cover any spillage that has occured.
    • We are proud of our Ubi_Launcher®!
    • Extremely proud!
    • Of the over 1400 of our Ubi_Launcher® in use as of this date, the only issue we have had was with two bowlers not tightening the pole fully into the Ubi_Launcher® head as we strongly recommend. This could cause the thread to snap on the pole and will not be considered a warranty issue. We sympathize, but this was user error only!
    • We have not had an issue with the head itself but will listen to any issues that may arise. You will be pleased with our response!
    Return Authorization
    • Return authorization is mandatory before sending any product back to MVP Sports.
    • Product must have been purchased through MVP Sports or one of our agents... ie... we do not warrant any product purchased that did not come through the MVP Sports channel!
    • That means that if you thought you might have saved a few bucks by purchasing your Taylor product from a source other than MVP Sports or one of our agents, we invite you to deal with that overseas supplier for satisfaction. Best of luck!
      • (added note: Taylor does not condone Agencies from other areas selling their product out of their area)
    • As well, Return Authorization will only be granted for warranty issues and not for dissatisfaction with any product as we pride ourselves on spending a copious amount of time with our customers ensuring that they have purchased the product that is right for their needs. It is our only way of keeping both customers happy and prices in line.
    • Once again, warranty replacement will only be granted for issues relating to manufacturer's defect and not for misuse, abuse or neglect with the product.
    • Proof of purchase may be necessary.
    Return or Refund
    • As stated, we do everything we can to ensure your purchase is right the first time, spending copious time with you before the final decision is made.
    • ** As such we do not offer refunds on any product.**
    • Depending on circumstances, and if and only if the product has never been used and is in its original packaging we will do our best to offer you an exchange for a similar product.
    • In the event an RA is the only resolution, and if the product in question is unused and in its original packaging the price paid minus 25% will be offered.
    • In all cases the original receipt will be required as proof of purchase through MVP Sports or one of our agents.
    • In addition, all S/H costs on warranty work or RA will be the responsibilty of the customer.
    Down Payments
    • If you are ordering a product that we do not ordinarily stock we will advise you of the necessary down payment amount
    • Over the years we have had very few instances where a product is ordered where a down payment is necessary, however, when it is the down payment is considered non-refundable
    • Products not normally stocked at MVP Sports are charged a down payment for a reason - they are generally not re-sellable in our Canadian market and will otherwise sit on the shelf for years
    • Customers are advised to work with MVP Sports and our agents in ensuring all details of these non-stock items are correct prior to ordering
    • Some items will require a full 100% down payment
    • Examples of non-refundable down payment items: Lazer bowls; larger size bowls; initials or identified custom emlbems on bowls; clothing; shoes; non stock bags or sundry items