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Double Carpet Handler

SKU: VB032

Designed for 45' or 30' portable carpets

The Verdemat Double Carpet Handler is sturdy enough to hold two Short Mats carpets!
LOL - Carpets not included!

Ask about this product
  • The Verdemat Carpet Handler comes with some simple assembly required.
  • Options are available for a single or double carpet handler.
  • The photo shows the single handler.
  • Ontario clubs: please enquire about other available Handler options.
  • VB032 Double Carpet Handler = $2450.00 + Tax + S/H
  • VB031 Single Carpet Handler = $2075.00 + Tax + S/H (also available)
  • Price does not include tax or shipping – Final Estimate will be provided after location is determined to calculate Tax and S/H
  • We import our shipments once we have reached a minimum quantity of 6 carpets.
  • We have several shipments per year, so it is best to place your order as soon as you have made your decision. We will then put your order in queue and advise you as to our ETA on our own shipment.
  • Handler orders will be placed with our carpets orders.