Bowl and Jack Lifter
Save a few knee bends!

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    Bowl and Jack Lifter - 3 piece

Why put any additional stress on your knees or back while lifting your bowl?
Save your knee bends, and your greens for the actual delivery!

Bowl & Jack Lifter

Price: $38.00

More info about this item

  • This three piece metal LIfter will assit you with getting your bowls without bending over. It does not however mean that you shouldn't be bending over when you delivery. ** NB - not currently available - but you can enquire and put your name on our waiting list **
  • If you find you are having difficulty delivering a smooth bowl we strongly encourage you to consider using our Ubi_Launcher®, fast becoming the world's most popular bowls delivery aid - with over 1600 in use world wide as of this last edit!

Save your backs, knees, hips and your greens with the Ubi_Launcher®

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