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4 Bowl Sling

Category: Bowls Bags
SKU: 395

The Sling - a lightweight bowls bag solution!

PInk Sling shown above - needless to say, bowls are not included!

Clubs love this little sling, as it allows new club members and those members renting bowls to see which bowls they are taking out each time. It also allows clubs to keep track of thier stock of club bowls!

* Required * Colours - Stock BlackBlueRedPink
Ask about this product
  • You say you don't want to tote your heavy bag to the greens every time? Why not choose the
  • Taylor 4 Bowl Sling as a lightweight option?
  • You say you just want a basic bowls carrier – something to hold your four bowls?
  • Then the Taylor 4 Bowl Sling is just the unit for you
  • The Taylor Four Bowl Sling is available in Red, Blue, Black or Pink
  • One size fits all – well, from Quads (0000) up to size 5
  • *NB* The larger bowls may have to be turned sideways to fit