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You get what you get for a reason!

Boxes are for bowls and bags are for towels!

You get what you get for a reason.

Dunno if it's just me but I din't think so... Technology is a wonderful thing... but it has its limitations. There is no one form of media or social media that can do everything. Norm had a good point in TBiC when he thought his post had been deleted as some posts are in some FB Groups (not naming names)... but in fact his post had not been removed as Michael pointed out. The problem is in the interface. Different product needs different packaging. I don't sell bowls in plastic bags just like I don't sell towels in a box. The internet is no different.


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It's all about not giving up!

this is about not tossing in the towel...

yesterday I was playing a miserable round of golf on my home course... ended up shooting 45 on the front nine which is 9 over par for that nine... I then ran off 8 pars and a birdie on the back nine to shoot 32... first time I've gone one under all year on either of the nines... total score of 77 which is about average for me this year on that course...

it wasn't so much the 32 that got me excited cuz I never sank a first putt and there were at least 6 golden opportunities for birdies under 10'... it was the differential between the 45 and the 32 --- 13 shots for those a little slower at math this morning :) that got me going!... at the end of 9 holes i set myself a goal of trying to break 80 which would meant a 34 and still a noble thought considering how I was playing... I put away my driver and played the rest of the tee shots with my 3 wood... I chose locations for the landing of my shots instead of just flailing away... and I focussed on where my putts would be rolling (not entirely successful except there were no three putts!)

so... let's compare this to bowls and curling... 

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Is it time to change the Ontario Championships format?

Ontario Championships - Moving Forward!

I haven't played much in the Ontario Championships since the early 90's. there are a few reasons but I think the biggest one was the total time commitment it took in our already short season. For me, this meant altogether too much time away from my young family. I know others feel the same way, or at least must be! This year I entered the District singles and was dismayed to see only 4 entries. I remember when we had over 20 entries in our district alone! Where have they all gone? Is it because every district seems to have their own way of running the event? Is it because of the poor quality of the greens in most places? It can't all be because of the cost of gas!

I think it's time to rework the way we run the championships... and I invite you to read further to see what I would suggest is a framework for moving forward.

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Giving Back to Your Sport!

So what have you done lately?

Really! What have you done lately?

First of all let me express my sincere appreciation and congratulations to all the volunteers out there who put in countless hours to help their club or sport. You know that without you your club would never survive. And I know you must be checking your forehead for fever at times when you wonder if your efforts are worth it. Trust me, they are. I can only relate the incredivle experience this past two years at our own Curling Club where we essentially rose, homeless, out of the ashes to not only survive, but to almost double our membership to 380 members in just over a year! It could not have been done without the over 4000 volunteer hours put in by our club volunteers.

But not everyone helps... or knows where to go to offer their help.

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Championships Bowls Pool

Win A Set of Taylor Bowls

I'm not sure if this has been tried before but we've just started a Lawn Bowls Championships Pool... a season long one!

One of my favourite things I like doing is entering sports pools. I've placed first and last in hockey pools, football pools and had as much fun with the draft parties as I have with the online banter that goes on all season in some pools.

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Rolling out the new website!

It's about time!

It's true... it is about time I revised but business and a few other things just got in the way... in a nice way!

Our new site has gone interactive with not only a Product Gallery where registered members can comment on their favourite Taylor or Olson products, but also where they can contribute to our new Club MVP forum. It is hoped that we will all be positive in our comments and advice here as our main goal is to help with the growth of our sport, not only in Lawn Bowls but Curling and Golf as well. Hopefully we will realize that we can learn from other sports rather than be jealous of what they have done!

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