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Breaking Down the Bowls Barriers

Breaking Down the Bowls Barriers began as a series of points I put together to use as a starting point for a discussion with our local bowls club. It was based a great deal on the success we have experienced in our local curling club where in a two year period we grew frmo 208 members to 380 members. Many of the points of discussion are a direct result of observing things that worked for us and things that I believe can work for bowls clubs through the country. 

I would encourage those who really care about the sport of Bowls to use these ideas, expand upon them, tweak them... whatever it takes to Break Down the Bowls Barrier. I would then request that you offer the results of your efforts in our forum for the benefit of other bowls clubs througbout the country.  I will compile the best of these ideas and make them available once again for all concerned bowlers in our Resource section.

Let's work on this together. Let's Break Down the Bowls Barrier!

Download ~ Breaking Down the Bowls Barrier

  • Saturday, 23 June 2012

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