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MVP Sports Arena - a forum for all whose love of sports knows no bounds. Bowls, Curling, Golf... we love them all. Coaching, Club Tips, Product Reviews... we've got those too!



If you're into politics and want to discuss how we can improve life for all in our/your country then this is a great spot to stop and chat. Civility is the key here as we are looking for pro-active solutions to existing problems.



Having spent 30 years in the education system, I've seen a few things! I had one rule in class - Work & Respect! I taught learning strategies and had no time for lectures.  I'd love to discuss with you what you felt were your best experiences at any level or type of school.


General Sports Talk

Want to brag about your favourite team?
Do you have some gripes about your underperforming you'd like to share with some friends?
Grab a pop and share your stories with us.


The Delivery Doctor

Coaching is near and dear to me as many will know.
I'd love to share coaching tips, and not just in Bowls. Having played most sports I rely on my experiences from those adventures and bring them into my Bowls Coaching Programs. 
Bowls – Golf – Curling – Badminton – Track – anything but swimming!



Do we have any avid photographers or videographers out there? Stop in here and share with us what you love about this great hobby (or occupation if that's the case).

Tell us about your favourite gear, your best shots and maybe even a moment you'd sooner forget!



Do you have some vacations you really enjoyed and would like to share with fellow members? How about a favourite cruise line - or a favourite trou company? You all time #1 spot you'd love to spend more time at? We'd love to hear!


Head Worms

Tune in to Head Worms – The Podcast every other week to get some great tips on  how to get rid of those nasty little misconceptions that are keeping you from performing your best, whether it's in sports or life. Do you have some ideas you'd like us to pursue in Head Worms - some burning questions you'd like us to discuss? Post them here and we'll see what we can do. 


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