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Its getting close to WOBA time. Some of you may remember that last year I did a fundraiser for a homeless shelter in London, and I got a great response from you guys. Im doing it again. This year I will be dispersing what gets donated to 2 different ...
In a recent blog I wrote a bit about how we can become givers not only to our chosen sports, but to our communities as well. There are so many stories out there of clubs and individuals not only stepping up to volunteer their time and efforts to thei...
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I'm really green to this area - is this where I can list the 'bowls' that were stolen from our Junior Program? Our 'Juniors' would appreciate all the assistance they can get for recovery of this 'sad' tale. Thanks. SAM...
Lawn Bowler, Curler and Golfer! I also go by the name of The Delivery Doctor, mvpwebguy, Dan and hey you! There are of course other names but as promised I will keep everything PG-13 here! I hope everyone enjoys themselves at and tha...
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The Scottish and Welsh championships are upcoming on June 23rd and 24th at the Monora LBC in Orangeville. Entry fee is $35 with a valid PBA Membership ($75) Entries will be taken until Tuesday, June 19. Entries and membership can be paid on the...
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Good show Dan and a great new look for the website. Congratulations! Here at the Huntley Curling Club in Carp, ON, we are just getting ready to send out the membership renewals applications. I will be needing a new brush head for my Olson Re...
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Anyone who know me knows I'm a huge fan of the Tour de France... ok, so forget all about the allegations of doping that accompany any sport and cycling is no different... but most of you still watch football and hockey and those sports are not withou...
Steve Carlson of the Campbellford LBC just sent me a press release he just sent to his local newspapers about the latest Coaching Night I ran up at their club. It reminded me of a good point that we should all remember... If you write it... the pa...
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Last night I had the pleasure of being the lead guest Coach for the first of 6 nights of coaching at the Campbellford LBC. Steve Carlson asked me last year to spearhead this first evening and I was only to pleased to be asked... and then asked back t...
[size=4]Welcome to Club MVP[/size] Thank you for choosing Club MVP for your online sports community forum. We hope you like what you see here at Club MVP. It has been a few years in the making and will continue to evolve with the many great i...

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