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Once again Norm Trafford has thrown out a pretty good idea for clubs. This idea was promoted in the Club MVP FB Group but I have transferred it here where it may remain more visible longer. Another club building option has alway been the Novice To...
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Over in the Club MVP FB page this topic was introduced by Norm Trafford: Here is a suggestion for clubs to get new members.... Not New... But one that has been used by curling clubs, etc to get members... clubs seeking new members run a raffle wit...
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It's been a busy few months... culminating in our daughter's wedding last weekend! What a great day it was too. I'd like to thank all those Ontario Lawn Bowlers who like myself were praying for a sunny day last Saturday... I know it was for different...
If you want to keep up to date with what's happening with the PBA head on over to their Facebook Group Page. Check out posting and results of upcoming qualifiers and other news. Jamie, et al... Feel free to post your events here for members of Cl...
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Yup, here it is late May and my Leafs are still in the playoffs! Before you think me daft you need only tune into the AHL where the Leafs... oops... Marlies are playing up a storm. Not sure how its allowed but are some regular season Leafs doing...
Anyone else fed up with the state of hockey these days? I know I am! Been a Leaf fan since the days I used to put together my own Crystal radio and listen to Foster Hewitt til I couldn't keep my eyes open any more. Through thick and thin I've fol...
Yup... I can't believe how few people are playing the event... and how many different ways we allow our districts to play them... I've been advocating change for over 20 years but now with forums and FB and blogs etc we have a chance to not only voic...
Check out the related blog here... then share your own stories of how you've make the ultimate comeback!...
This web site came to my attention from a contact on the united states recommended by USLBA marketing group. Worth a visit. I like the tips for playing singles and the tips for playing on heavy greens. Site link is and the ...
Well the novice districts are over. This was my first experience as a team coach. I thought coaching novices would be the easiest teams to train and a good place to starts. Surprise. They have so much to learn and it needs to be broken down into smal...

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