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  1. Darryl Fitzgerald
  2. Coaching Discussion
  3. Thursday, August 08 2013, 03:16 PM
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Often I search you tube/ the internet to find bowls videos. Often I find games or clips of games which are fun to watch, especially the high caliber players on carpet or fast greens.

Recently I came across a coaching series on You Tube created by the High Performance squad called "The Coaches Den". I figured that the information would be great to watch and possibly use in my own coaching if it was provided by those in charge of Australia's National team.

Take a look for yourself an let me know with a response what you think of the videos and information shown in them. I've been highly disappointed. What do you think should be shown in these types of videos? I would love to have something to direct new bowlers to to watch and gain information on how to play if they can't be with a coach or mentor on a regular basis.

Bowls Australia You Tube Page

For example: Video 2 on effective use of the mat -- I thought it would be some great tips on using the mat for delivery or strategy, but it gave virtually no useful information. for a 2:00 video, 1:00 was the introduction to the coaching series, 45 seconds talking about foot placement and then the remaining seconds show one delivery of a bowl.

Bring on the Delivery Doctor!!
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Dan Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
HI Darryl... I'll take a look at these... and yes most look like they include some of the topics for my series... I'll try to keep in mind the intro issue with it being too long and assume once bowlers have seen the first vid they will not need to be reminded in subsequent videos...

With respect to the videos it's one thing to keep it simple... it's quite another to keep it so simple that relatively no information is provided. I tend to over-explain sometimes, but having spent 30 years in teaching, I also know there is no one way of learning. I hope to supplement my videos with online "paper" follow-ups, and of course the use of the forum here for further explanations.

We have a few other coaching experts from across Canada I have asked to join forces with the Delivery Doctor here at Club MVP and in the future they will also be providing answers and tips for bowlers. Look for news of this exciting new development soon!
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