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  1. Dan
  2. Club News
  3. Wednesday, April 10 2013, 03:21 PM
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Over in the Club MVP FB page this topic was introduced by Norm Trafford:

Here is a suggestion for clubs to get new members.... Not New... But one that has been used by curling clubs, etc to get members... clubs seeking new members run a raffle with a suitable first prize...whether it be a big screen TV, a Smart Phone, or whatever with a codicile on the ticket which says and other subsidiary prizes. When draw is made whoever wins the prize wins...and all others who bought tickets and are not a member of the club or have not had a lawnbowls membership in last 3 years win 2nd prize of a free membership in the club with exception of having to pay the Association dues which provide the insurance for when they are on the greens.

Everyone likes free stuff...and if you get a bunch of new members out of have to offer something that gets them into the club a schedule with established club bowlers to teach and mentor them so they get to know and understand the sport...As a can garner about 30% of those who join to stay after the first year...and that my friends is how you get your club to grow. There are other options that have worked..but this one is the most effective I have seen ...
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