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    Do you suffer from delivery problems in Bowls or Curling or need some Golf Tips... it's time to check out The Delivery Doctor's Blog

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    Winter can only mean one thing!

    Yes, it's time to dust off your curling brooms and put a new grip on your shoes! Curling season is never too far away!

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    Summer is coming and so is the Bowling Season!

    We offer the largest selection of bowls and other bowls accessories in Canada. Check out our large selection of models and colours today!

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    Autumn - The best time of year for Golf

    Don't be sorry you waited so long to get that putter you so badly needed. We have short putters, belly putters and everything in between!

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Hot Offers

U L Bowl roll thumb

The new Ubi_Launcher

Hottest New Delivery Aid
~ lightweight, durable, and best of all easy to use!
~ only 
~ Tax Included (Canada only) 
~ Bowl not included
~ International orders welcome

Coaching Video

The Grip is the first in a series of Coaching and Bowls videos by The Delivery Doctor (produced by MVP Sports) . The Grip shows you a sure fire method for getting a proper grip on your bowl! (Released May 14, 2013) New releases of the next videos showcasing each component of the delivery and that will offer you the best chance for success in your game are anticipated for early 2015.

Club MVP

Club MVP

Do you want to help save your sport?
Are you in need of game improvement? 

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Sales Tax

Once again we are eating the tax... no matter where you live in Canada!

Just another great reason to shop MVP Sports in 2015!


New 2015 Standard Rates

Shipping and Handling, Canada Post

Flat Rate: $25 / box

We will do everything we can to minimize the number of boxes used in your order. In the event your article is small and the actual cost is much lower we will adjust accordingly.

Gift Card

Need a Birthday present? It's not too early to start thinking about next Christmas you know!

You can soon arrange to send a Gift Card from our online shop: available in $25, $50 or $100 amounts.

Available Soon!


Taylor has one of the best warranties in the business... if not the best!

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What is the Delivery Doctor up to now?

Ubi DanAtGreen

He's really trying to:
Save your knees!
Save your hips!
Save your back!
Save your greens!

And with a little effort, save your bowling clubs!

The Ubi_Launcher™ can help you bowl longer... maybe even bowl better. This new bowls delivery aid can help your club retain and even attract new members. Don't let nagging back, hip or knee injuries keep you or other club members away from the greens!

The Ubi_Launcher™ is affordable, adjustable, lightweight and very durable. Using the Ubi_Launcher™ requires little hand or grip strength as do other bowls delivery aids.

Get ready to "Set & Deliver" with the new MVP Sports Ubi_Launcher™.

There is a video demonstration of the Ubi_Launcher™ in our Resources section... check it out now!
Bulletin Board Posters: Ubi_Launcher™ - Just "Set & Deliver" and Ubi-Launcher™ - What Are You Waiting For! 

Hottest Bowl

Canadiana400 thumb

There's nothing quite like it!
The Taylor ACE is Canada's National Team's choice!
MVP Sports is a proud Sponsor of the National Team Program


  • Taylor LogoTaylor Bowls

    Taylor Bowls (Scotland) has been manufaturing bowls longer than any other Bowls Manufacturer in the world. Taylor was first with Colour! They are the most innovative bowls company in the world. Period! Taylor makes the Choice of Champions... the ACE!

  • Learn How to Pace your Greens

    Start your stopwatch on the release of the bowl and stop it when your bowl comes to rest 90 feet away. Repeat until you have two times at exactly the 90 foot mark. Repeat this process in the opposite direction. Take the average of the four 90 foot times. This is the pace of your green.

  • Canadian Standards

    The standards for Canadian greens would be as follows and can be used for choosing the Taylor bowl best suited for your play.

    • slow = less than 11 seconds
    • medium = 11 to 12 seconds
    • fast = 12 to 15 seconds
    • very fast = over 15 seconds
  • So Which Bowl is Best for You?

    Lignoid = Slow
    Legacy = Slow, Medium
    International = Medium-Fast
    ACE = Medium-Fast, Fast
    Blaze, Vector or Lazer = Fast
    Redline = Very Fast 

  • The Bottom Line?

    Since we started this business we have maintained that you should get the bowl that is most comfortable in your hand. We still believe that to be true! We also believe that you can make a wide drawing bowl play narrower... but you can't make a narrow bowl go wider... and still come back! You should be choosing a bowl that allows you to play all the shots in the game for the greens you play most often. Don't settle for less!

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